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Thank you for choosing Bedworx for your gardening and maintenance needs. Please read the Terms of Service carefully, as it sets out the rights and obligations as related to the provision of our Services. By accepting the quotation, paying any required deposits, and/or allowing the service work to commence, the client is deemed to agree to and accept all the terms and conditions as listed below.




1.1 Bedworx shall provide all labor, equipment, and materials needed to complete the work as specified within the quotation.

1.2 The work as detailed shall be carried out to the professional standard a reasonable person can expect.

1.3 Concern with any workmanship or service provided by Bedworx must be reported to them within 48hrs of project completion. Bedworx is not responsible for any omission of services or materials that is NOT contained within the quotation.

1.4 Bedworx will not be held liable for any service delays that result from inclement weather and/or unsafe working conditions.  

1.5 It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the scope of work as contained within the quotation prior to the work being completed.




2.1 Quotations are valid for 30 days only and may be subject to alteration after that date.

2.2 The quotation is a best estimate of price at the time of submission considering existing site conditions and layout at the time of viewing.

2.3 Acceptance of the quotation signifies acceptance of this Service Agreement and represents a binding contract between the parties. The parties agree that this Agreement may be executed in counterpart and electronically by means of Email Acceptance.

2.4 Only the work described within the quotation is included; the supply of any other materials or labour costs to carry out works other than stated within the quotation is excluded.

2.5 In the event that unforeseen obstacles occur (such as hidden weed barriers/tree roots/hard rock/heavy clay, etc.), Bedworx will charge the customer an additional fee to cover any labor or disposal costs required to overcome these obstacles. Bedworx has the authority to proceed while onsite and without notice to customer for additional services valued up to $350.00.  For costs beyond $350.00, the contract will be renegotiated before any work continues.




3.1 Projects with a value greater than $1500.00 will require a 25% deposit prior to commencement.

3.2 Deposits shall be forfeited for any cancellations outside of the required five (5) business days notice. The Customer will be entitled to purchased materials covered by said deposit.

3.3 When a contract is cancelled and deposit to be refunded, Bedworx has up to (14) days to refund the customer.  




4.1 The Customer agrees to pay Bedworx in the amounts and at the times specified within the quotation.

4.2 Payment will be accepted in the form of cheque, credit card, cash or email transfer.

4.3 Should payment for the Services be delayed in any way beyond the timelines set forth herein,

including but not limited to delay due to credit card refusal or processing, interest will accrue at a rate of 2% per month (24% per annum) from the date payment is due until the date that full

payment is received.

4.4 A $75.00 fee will be charged on all returned cheques.

4.4 In the event it is necessary to institute legal recovery of the outstanding sum, the Customer will be liable to pay Bedworx’ legal fees in full.




5.1 It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the work site is free from obvious hazards and that all sprinkler heads, landscape lighting,  underground utility lines in the area have been clearly marked.

5.2 Any subterranean finds such as, but not limited to, sprinkler heads, landscape lighting, utility lines, if not marked and damage occurs, will be the responsibility of and repaired at the expense of the Customer.

5.3 The Customer is responsible for removing all dog feces from the property on the scheduled start date. If Bedworx must complete this task, the customer will be charged a fee of $50.00.

5.4 The Customer commits to granting sufficient and reasonable access to the site throughout the period of execution of the contract. Any delays may result in additional charges.

5.5 Access to water and electricity services will be provided by the Customer at no cost to Bedworx. Bedworx is responsible for using the Customer’s water judiciously.

5.7 Bedworx is responsible for leaving the Customer’s yard tidy if the project persists more than one working day.

5.8 Bedworx agrees to perform a thorough job cleaning of the customer’s property once the project has been completed. Bedworx is not responsible for pre-existing yard mess unless agreed upon or included within the estimate.




6.1 Bedworx uses reputable high-quality suppliers for the supply of plants, trees and shrubs. A one-year health guarantee on trees and shrubs (perennials excluded) is offered through each supplier if proper planting and maintenance techniques have been followed. Trees, shrubs and evergreen are insured by the supplier for one year from the date of purchase, not when planted.

6.2 Bedworx will replace trees or shrubs that are unhealthy or have died within one year of purchase provided they have been properly cared for after the planting has been completed by Bedworx.

6.3 Trees and shrubs damaged by animal and/or physical damage and/or extreme weather such as hail, flood drought, salts and/or acts of nature and/or dried out are not eligible for guarantee.

6.4 Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the client. Bedworx accepts no responsibility for loss damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason. Delivered plants if not planted immediately will be stowed in an agreed location within the client’s garden. At this stage responsibility for the loss or theft of these plants will rest with the Customer.

6.5 Bedworx will ensure that all plant materials are of good quality and are disease/pest free upon purchase.

6.6 Colors and textures of planted materials may vary slightly from photo samples. Minor substitutions or alterations and/or design due to product health and/or availability will be made at Bedworx’s discretion.

6.7 If a visual planting plan was not requested within the quotation and the Customer is dissatisfied with Bedworx’s choice of plant placement, Bedworx will adjust these placements according to the Customer’s request at an additional cost of $75.00 per hour worked.

6.8 In the event that a change in planted materials (from those already on-site) is required as a result from a subsequent client change of mind, the client will be solely responsible for payment of all additional costs.




7.1 All watering of plants, trees, shrubs and turf becomes the responsibility of the Customer once the project has been completed.

7.2 Bedworx accepts no responsibility for any horticultural defects other than plants, trees and shrubs failing to break out into leaf unless a formal maintenance contract is entered.




8.1 Any date or dates included in our estimate or quotation are estimated dates and Bedworx shall not be in breach of this agreement for failing to start or finish by any date given.

8.2 Any accidental or malicious damage caused by the client, their children or any third party during the construction or maintenance may incur an additional repair charge.

8.3 Bedworx reserves the right to use any drawings, photographs or plans produced by us for any future publications or displays whilst ensuring the anonymity of the client.

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