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  • Why should I hire a professional gardener?
    We are not a one stop shop or the next door neighbour's kid. By hiring BEDWORX, you will recieve: - Knowledgable staff who are individually trained. A lot of us have education related to horticulture and are very passionate about our jobs! - You can expect high quality workmanship with our Calgary garden services - Clean trucks with professional logos as well as uniformed staff - Professional gardening tools and equipment which reduces employee frustrations and improves efficiency on site - Detailed record keeping and a detailed log of your garden preferences ensuring services stay consistant - WCB coverage for workers and liability insurance while working on your property - Administative support staff and a streamlined invoice/payment system.
  • What does regular maintenance entail?
    Some of the services we provide during a regular maintenance visit include: - Eliminating invasive weeds by hand - Soil cultivation and amendments as required - Trimming or pruning shrubs during the appropriate time frame - Staking or training perennials that need additional support - Monitoring plants for pests and/or diseases - Monitoring water levels in the garden - Providing addional water to select species during drought or bud set periords to ensure proper blooming the following year - Deadheading, removing damaged or diseased plant materials as necessary - Annuals, bulb planting and transplanting available upon request
  • Do I have to sign a contract for maintenance services?
    Absolutely not. We are confident in the services we provice and believe if you are not happy with your services for whatever reason you have the right to cancel at any time. We understand that financial circumstances may arrise or garden needs change over time. If you have to cancel your services, we politely request that you give us two weeks notice.
  • How will I be billed?
    To save paper, we do all of our quoting and billing online. One a project or maintenance visit is complete you will be invoiced via email. You can easily pay by credit card, email transfer (preferred), cash or by mailing a cheque As a maintenance client, you will have online access to your client hub - an area where you can see all your invoices, work requests and payment records.
  • My gardens have become tired or very overgrown. What can I do?
    We offer garden rejuvenations or rehabilitations at almost any scale. Often mature houses have plants that have reached their lifespans or the soil has been long depleted of valuable nutrients. We can refresh, renew and/or completely redesign your existing gardens. We will reuse existing plants if possible as well as bring in fresh materials giving a new life to your gardens. We've dealt with the worst of the worst and can assure you there is always hope!
  • Can you give me a quote over the phone?
    Unfortunately each yard is unique and needs to be seen in person in order to provide the most accurate pricing. MAINTENANCE: We will be able to provide you with a range of pricing to fit your maintenance requirements and will stick to a certain budget if required. After the initial seasonal clean up, monthly maintenance pricing may look like the following: - Small yards/minimal gardens $150-$300 per month - Average yards with average to extensive gardens $350-$600 per month - Large yards, mass planting properties or acreages - $600+ per month PROJECTS: Rejuvenations, planting services or design & install jobs are quoted as a lump sum and are agreed upon prior to commencing work
  • How quickly can you start my project?
    Typically we can start projects between 2 and 3 weeks after the initial site visit /quotation. We encourage you to sign up for maintenance services early in the season as spots do fill up quickly. We justly leave some spaces in our schedule throughout the year for one time jobs or new clients that inquire.
  • When can I plant shrubs and perennials?
    Any time! Don't assume that you need to do all your planting early in the gardening season. We plant shrubs and perennials beginning early April all the way into November. (Fall is actually a great time for planting)
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